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         L.H. Peterson Distribution is a Utah Corporation formed in 1986.
We are licensed and bonded, and we are involved in the distribution of furniture
as well as food commodities. We have many years of experience in handling
large tonnage shipments involving railroads, trucks, and warehousing
distribution. Twenty-five years ago as director of warehousing and
transportation, we were involved in setting up a large full line food distribution
center in Salt Lake City. We have also had extensive experience in forklifts,
trucking, pallet racking, and inside railcar unloading as well as the logistics of
moving freight all over the United States.

          It is this background that makes us very enthused about the concept we
have developed in loading your household goods into a steel container at your
residence without a forklift. Handling your furniture in one huge container, 20
feet long 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall, makes good sense. It works on ocean ships,
so it can work for you. We are excited to have a Patent Pending on this new
concept and are most pleased by the satisfied customers who have tried this new
method. Give us a call. We are anxious to help with your moving needs.




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LH Petersen

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Moving and Storage
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